Why are ligaments important?

The ankle's stability is provided by a number of ligaments located on either side of the ankle joint. These ligaments are designed to protect the joint from excessive movement.

A 'rolled anke' occurs when the joint is stretched beyond its normal range of motion and can result in varying degrees of tearing to the ligaments. Ligament injuries are graded from I to III, ranging from partial to complete tears. Partial tears retain some stability whereas complete tears have no stability. X-rays can determine if there is an accompanying break or fracture to the bone.

It is important to come and see us early if you have an injured ankle joint or ligament. Untreated ankle injuries can heal incorrectly, leaving you with a stiff or weakened ankle joint and a greater risk of re-injury.

Some people naturally have hypermobile joints which make them more prone to ankle injury. It is very important for people with unstable ankles and whom are prone to ''going over on an ankle'' to ensure they are running on as stable platform as possible. This requires ongoing strengthening of the muscles around the ankle, ongoing proprioception training and a stable platform for your foot which includes stable shoes (appropriate for you) and orthotics that prevent over inversion of the ankle.