PACT Fungal Nail Therapy

Are you embarrassed by the look of your nails?

Have they become white and brittle? Or yellow and thickened? Have you tried ointments and solution without success? Walk This Way Podiatry has the solution for you!

Fungal nail infections are estimated to effect up to 1.6 million Australians. Two treatment options currently available include topical ointments and prescription medications.

Maintaining these treatments can be challenging with visible results after 6 to 12 months or prescribed medications interacting with current medications and causing harmful side effects. Laser treatment is a more recent treatment that can be effective however it can also be painful or very expensive.

Walk This Way Podiatry is a proud provider of an alternative treatment and that is PACT Fungal Nail Therapy.

About PACT Fungal Nail Therapy:

PACT is an abbreviation for the term Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy. This method of treatment uses light to effectively kill off bacteria and fungus off the skin and nails.

It is important to have the correct diagnosis about your nails before commencing any treatment.

There are several conditions that can mimic fungal nail infections and damage your nails.

At Walk This Way Podiatry we will assess your nails first and confirm that diagnosis of a fungal nail infection. You may be required to have a sample of the nail tested through pathology to confirm an infection.


About the treatment:

  • Your nail will be trimmed and filed to remove as much of the affected nail as possible in preparation of the treatment.
  • A light sensitive gel is applied and left to penetrate the nail for 10 minutes.
  • The PACT Unit Lamp, an LED light, is then applied over the nail for 9.5 minutes. This interaction of the PACT light with the gel causes a reaction to kill fungal nail cells and bacteria on the nail.
  • The nail will become warm but does not cause any pain or side effects.


So if you have a fungal nail infection remember:

  • PACT is quick and effective
  • There are no harmful side effects
  • Pain Free
  • No treatment at home is required

Please call us to book your assessment of any fungal nail infections and find out more about PACT Fungal Nail Therapy today!