About Us

We are a leading podiatry clinic in the Inner West and Northern Sydney.

We’ve been proudly serving the community for over 15 years.

Walk This Way Podiatry have been proudly serving residents of the inner west for over 15 years. We take great pride in being members of the local community and being able to interact with and help our neighbours. Our advice is tailored to your lifestyle and foot concerns, supporting the long term health and strength of your feet.

Our foot care podiatrists can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and decide on the right treatment plan for you. We also offer long-term foot health services, including recommendations to benefit foot health.

Our Purpose

Our core purpose is to leave health care in a better place. We are committed to providing the highest standard of podiatry treatment by ensuring that we have the very latest treatment options available to help you.

Our goal is to provide exceptional podiatry care for healthy, active lifestyles. With a focus on each patient’s individual needs, we aim to achieve positive results and prevent future foot-related issues.

Our Purpose


Our mission is to provide expert care and advice to improve not only your foot health but also your overall well-being.

We help you reduce injury risks but also to provide you with advice on lifestyle changes or modifications based on our expertise to help you to stay active and perform well. We believe that the benefits of treatment go beyond healing foot issues.


Your Feet Come First!

Our commitment to our patients sets us apart. Our team of podiatrists have extensive knowledge and training to diagnose, as well as treating foot and lower limb problems using our comprehensive range of advanced treatment technologies such as shockwave therapy and video gait analysis.

We offer the best in available technology, the best advice based on our expensive training and knowledge, and peace of mind that you are being looked after by a team who has your best interests in mind. Our aim is to provide you with the highest level of care for their feet and keep you walking, pain free, for as long as possible.

About Parallax

Our Team

We have a small team of highly trained and motivated professionals, whether it’s reception or treatment podiatrists, our team are all highly skilled and put our customers first. When you walk through the door, you will find friendly staff who are not afraid to smile and will be dedicated to helping you.

When you visit the podiatrists at WTW, you’ll know your feet are in good hands!

World class podiatry

From consultation and assessment to diagnosis and treatment, our professional team of podiatrists are dedicated to achieving results that minimise future relapses from occurring.

Patient focused

Our focus is on you, the patient, your lifestyle and your overall health.

We are committed to helping you and your family with any foot problems to keep you active and doing the things that you love.

High quality care

We are a practice that brings together years of experience in professional care and service to our local community to provide the highest standard of podiatry treatment without the need for surgical intervention.
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What people are saying about us…

Hundreds of patients in the Inner West and Sydney North have trusted us to treat their foot problems. We take great pride in our reputation and the reviews our patients leave us are testimony to that.

Take a look at the wonderful things people have said about us on Google and Facebook then come in a see the difference for yourself.