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Sports Injury Podiatry

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Don’t let a sports injury keep you out of the game.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being out of action due to a sports injury, especially If you are used to regular exercise.  Feet suffer the majority of impact during sport and thus have a high tendency for strain and injury.

When it comes to preventive foot care, podiatrists can offer their patients the treatment they need to ensure good foot health.

Our skilled sports injury podiatrists are qualified to diagnose and treat foot sprains, foot fractures, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

Common Sports Injuries

There are two major types of sports injuries: Acute Injury and Chronic Injury.

Acute sports injuries

Acute injuries are sudden and a result of a single traumatic event such as wrist fractures, ankle sprains and shoulder dislocations. This may be caused by something spontaneous like a fall when running or a failed landing when jumping. Poor footwear and biomechanics are often factors that may increase the risk of an acute sports injury.

If not treated, acute injuries can become chronic conditions. A physical therapist can help you assess your injury and develop the right treatment plan to prevent further pain.

Chronic sports injuries

Chronic injuries are more common than acute injuries. This type of injury is caused by overuse and biomechanical faults. In addition, they’re the result of previous injuries that don’t heal properly and increased load on certain  muscles, tendons, bones and joints.

Treatment Options

Whether you’re an athlete, a gymnast, or children playing sports, sports injuries can really hold you back. Our team of professional podiatrists use modern methods such as 3D Foot Scanning, and Orthotics.

We evaluate the type of strain and impact your body frequently undergoes and create personalised programs to help you manage and prevent future injuries.

We also combine effective short-term pain relief such as massage with comprehensive treatments such as shockwave and laser treatment. These modalities transfer heat into tissue, joints and tendons, increasing the flow of blood to the injury site which encourages faster healing.


Why see a podiatrist for a Sports Injury?

There’s nothing more frustrating than recurring injuries and being limited by foot and heel pain. To maintain good foot health, it is recommended to consult a podiatrist who can examine the injury and make the right recommendations that will help to prevent further pain.

Our foot care specialists can help treat sports-related injuries, providing you with an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment plan. We also offer long-term foot health services, including necessary lifestyle changes recommendation to benefit foot health.

Are you suffering from ongoing sport injuries and are concerned about their long term effects? Book an appointment today.

Sports Injury Podiatry

Our patients are our priority, we love to see them overcome pain and discomfort and get back on their feet with confidence because of the quality service we provide. See why we’ve developed such a strong reputation in the community for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do To Prevent A Sports Injury?

Taking extra precautions can go a long way to prevent sports injuries. Wearing appropriate footwear can lower the risks of injuries while performing physical activities or exercise.

It is also extremely important that you do dynamic stretches thoroughly to boost circulation and increase your range of motion. Cold muscles are more prone to injury, so you should take a few minutes to do warmups before starting your activity.

How Does Video Gait Analysis Work?

Video gait analysis provides insight on biomechanical patterns through computerised video analysis. It allows us to properly assess and evaluate motion-related pathologies such as foot, ankle, knee, pelvis and hip movements.

This way we can identify the reason for your foot pain and develop a plan to prevent it from recurring in the future.

Are you suffering from ongoing sport injuries and are concerned about their long term effects? Book an appointment today.

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We are a practice that brings together years of experience in professional care and service to our local community to provide the highest standard of podiatry treatment without the need for surgical intervention.
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