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Have you had your orthotics for a long time but not sure what’s going on with them? Are you not sure when you are supposed to replace them? Do you they look tired and worn out?

While there is no strict guide line, most orthotics are built to last 1 to 5 years. Determining if they need replacement comes down to the initial problem they were prescribed for, their current appearance and how often they are used.

Children and teenagers can be given orthotics to help with pain associated with growth plate injuries during and after sport. Diabetics can be given orthotics to cushion and protect the feet. Patients with arthritic conditions can be given orthotics to offload high pressure areas and prevent pain in the feet. Runners can be given orthotics to treat and prevent heel pain and overuse injuries in the feet, knees and lower back.

All orthotics are different and not everyone has to use them forever however when you do have them, it is important they are reviewed regularly to make sure they are helping you with your initial problem and prevent long term injuries that can affect your overall health.

Here are the 5 signs you may need new orthotics:

  1. Your original foot, knee or lower back pain has returned. If your orthotics were prescribed to treat a certain issue which resolved but now the pain is returning, it’s a sign that your orthotics may have worn out and are no longer doing their job.
  2. You have a new foot, knee or lower back pain. This is a sign that your feet may have changed, shoes may have worn out or orthotics worn out then a new prescription may be needed.
  3. The shell is cracked. If the plastic has cracked then the orthotic is extremely fragile and definitely not doing what it was meant to leading to even more problems.
  4. Top Cover Damage – Take a look at the top cover. If there are any rips, cracks or the cover has worn thin in certain areas, it is time to replace them.
  5. Changes to your lifestyle – significant lifestyle changes will require new orthotics. If you have had foot, knee or hip surgery, become pregnant, noticed your child’s foot has grown or you have recently taken up a new sport – you may need new orthotics to accommodate the changes to your movement, footwear and your body.

If you think it is time to replace your orthotics, visit the team at Walk This Way Podiatry. We can help evaluate the condition of your current orthotics and pain a replacement or new assessment to determine the best outcome for you.

We also now prescribe the latest in 3D printed orthotics to give you the highest quality and most accurately designed orthotics for your feet.

To get your orthotics checked out call our office on (02) 9797 0179 or book online for an ‘Orthotic Review’ or ‘New Initial Orthotic Assessment’ today!

Alternatively, if you have not had orthotics before and would like to learn more about them please visit: custom-made orthotics

By Joseph Sassine – Podiatrist at Walk This Way Podiatry

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